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Anonymous asked:

About the Sunset Shimer and Twilight picture, is Sunset raping Twilight? (Sunset magic restraining Twilight's arm?) but Twilight is still enjoying it? or what is happening exactly? By the way, my name is Carlos, I'm from Spain.

Publishing this because I’ve had a lot more asks about it than I expected to:

The image is NOT a rape scene.
If it were rape, I would have trigger marked the image as so.
It is bondage play, there is no rape what-so-ever.

On a side note: I will not draw rape or anything that is akin to it.
If ever confused on image, I will usually tag it with it’s appropriate theme.

(I fixed the image to include the tags ‘bondage’ and ‘magical bondage’ to avoid any further confusion. Thanks!)

marzipantwist asked:

Oh, whoops. Shepherd does character sheets where he draws the same character several times, where 1 is a show-style pony and 5 is completely human. 4 is human with ears, tail, and colored skin. 3 is anthro with long legs, hands, and rear hooves. 2 is short anthro with all four hooves but standing upright. He's done like thirty of them or so, if you're curious you would probably run into one a few pages back in his gallery.

Oh! I found what you’re talking about.

Wow, I rather like that he’s made a grid. My preference is 3 and 4.

2 is a little awkward, imo. But that’s just me, it’s still p cute.

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